Standard Pool Service

Our commercial pool service is focused on keeping Community Pools and Hotels Pools maintained with the highest standards. We ensure every service is in accordance with the procedures of the Florida Health Department.

Starting at$499.99/month

Three visits per week
Water analysis and balancing
Scrubbing walls
Clean tile and water line
Vacuum (as needed)
Skim pool surface
Pumps and equipment inspection
Safety equipment Inspection
Clean filter
Florida Health Department sheet sign in

Extra Services (Pool à la carte) Price
Pool Photo
We take and email you a photo of your pool after every service.
Deck Organization
We will organize your deck during every visit.
Deck Wash
We will hose down, wash or blow your deck twice a month.
Furniture Care
We will clean and maintain tables, chairs and sun beds.
Restrooms Clean Up
We will clean toilets, sinks and floors on Mondays every week.
Trash Removal
We will remove trash from common areas on pool deck.

*Extra services are priced per month

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